Final Report of the European Future Leaders Conference

Europe must become more federal again, centralist and bureaucratic structures must be dismantled and it needs a common defence and security structure which is independent from NATO and the US. These are three of the central demands of the first European Future Leaders Conference, which brought together 54 young men and women of 20 to 26 years of age from 37 European countries.

The first ever European Future Leaders Conference was initiated and organised by the Circle Zurich Friends of Winston Churchill in Cooperation with the three student organisations Erasmus Student Network, Young European Swiss und Model United Nations as well as the Malik Institute. Besides delegations from Switzerland and the EU countries states like Russia, the Ukraine, Turkey and Serbia participated as well.

Based on the initial question of the conference «How do we achieve the Europe we want to live in by the year 2030?» the participants defined 16 key issues to be discussed in detail. The conference took place in November 2016. Now the organisers present their final report with the collected proposals which had been put forward in the context of the conference workshops.

Final Report

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